Where are we

No you are not able to know, where we are every seconds of everyday. But once every 24hours you shall have a report on the link below. But please don’t get alarmed if it doesn’t appear, we may be at anchorage and not moving or the black magic of the HAM radio may not be on our side for a while.

Vous vouliez savoir ou nous sommes voila l’outil parfait, pas d’alarme si il n’apparait pas. Le system est dependant du temps et de bien autre facteur.

Change in the providing software got the two first option to work intermittently until they update their side.

Where are we / Ou sommes nous

Second option for where we are with all waypoint from day one

Where are we been/ Ou sommes nous alles

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  1. Ken Gaiger says:

    been a while since we last made contact, I hope you are all well and still enjoying your adventure. Things ok here, kids and grandkids doing well, I have a new lady friend, hard to believe but she’s a French Tecumseh native.
    All the best from your old pal Ken.

  2. Nice to read you ken and love to hear that you are doing well. Give a kiss to all the family

  3. Tim McKay says:

    Hello V&L, Nice to see where you may be.
    It has been a long time.
    Sorry to miss you in San Francisco while I was working there
    S & T McKay

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