Hunga Lagoon

It took us a day and a half to perform the mundane task of restocking Letitgo. You see around here, you don’t just run to the supermarket in order to get everything in one scoop; as a matter of fact you need to walk the eight stores that you appreciate to find the combination to […]

Luatefito Island on a few pleasant days.

The string of East islands in the Vava’u group need to be approached only in calm weather since most of these are pretty much anchored in the Ocean with not much protection open to the elements and some nice little patch of corals. Fortunately the weather kept cooperating and we were able to enjoy a […]

Snorkeling galore around Lua Ui.

We have yet to reach the top snorkeling spots in Vava’u, although the ones we are visiting are in pristine waters and bonus point: secluded. We have decided since the weather is holding nicely to tour the less protected anchorages. Here are some pictures of our latest ones, and this time we literally dropped the […]

Nuapapu Island Village of Matamaka

So far for us this year has very slowly, indeed Valerie has been under the weather therefore these last days have been mellow onboard. However we had not moved Letitgo for a month now and we felt it was time to escape the city for the outer island, and give our new anchor its first […]

One last feast of the year 2016.

We promise this is the last one of the year no more feast after this one… We had been invited by our favorite lady at the market to come to their house a couple of weeks back but didn’t know for what occasion. This week we had exchanged phone numbers and then she didn’t talk […]