Vancouver the beautiful

The sunshine is back and we are rediscovering this beautiful city, not to worry we were welcomed by five straight days of nonstop rain to make it legit. Surprisingly Vancouver hasn’t changed drastically, stores and restaurants are where we left them and the atmosphere is still intact. We just need time to readapt ourselves to […]

Until we meet again, Bye Tonga

As we speak, Letitgo is all nicely wrapped up and is taking a little holiday away from us! On our side we just took the three steps out of eight to reach our loved ones so far our trip is going very smoothly, here we want to thank our friends for the dinghy and car […]

A Vavau update.

We agree Letitgo’s posts are far apart at the moment and realistically not the most exciting. However life on board is still full of learning and simple pleasures; in a way it rather feels as an hibernation but such is cyclone season and it enables us to settle and review what in a more sedentary […]

The Queen mother passed away.

For funeral announcements here there is no need for the obituary in the newspaper all you need is a good set of eyes and observe the draping around town: Along fences and officials buildings you will note black and purple drapes displayed so the community is aware of someone’s death. In regular circumstances it will […]

We got an unexpected visitor…

The day was beautiful, we were basking in the sun and Letitgo was resting on a lake. At 5pm the VHF came to life, Ladies and Gentlemen we are having a visitor tonight, the radio net controller Barry announced. A Tropical depression was racing towards Tonga at 35 km/h (Note that normally a system moves […]

News from the front…..

And by front we mean a weather one, truly this week has been a succession of Tropical depressions since our last post. We saw 40 knots gust in the harbor with some sustained 30 knots but this didn’t translate in any major waves or uncomfortable situation, and this is thanks to our mooring which is […]

News from Vava’u

Photo complimentary of our friends Ursula and Michael Cyclone season has finally caught up with us and we have now been in town for a week. Truly there is not much to do, but await our first little blow around Thursday. Nothing major yet but a pre-trial for what could be coming in the next […]

Vakaeitu island Vava’u

Another few days spent in some nice anchorages, but now that we had our “fill of sea salt water” we are back in the harbor for some civilization. Here is a batch of the last photos. On our way back we stopped at Swallow’s cave and dove from Letitgo while one of us stayed on […]