Family’s first visit on Letitgo

Recipe to get your family to recover from a 9 hour jet-lag? Easy.

Step 1 : Just grab them from the airport and bring them on board. Step 2 : Tell them to sit back and relax. Step 3 : Start the engines and leave the dock. You get a 2 Days cruise on […]

Another day on the water.

Finally Jane and Ross’s busy schedule had an open day that coincide with ours, they made it for a day onboard Letitgo. we couldn’t have wished for a better day.

Ross had in his “younger years” sailed around this part of the wood, and had recounted the beauty of the […]

Message in a bottle…

While we were busy working on Letitgo today, *B* decided to go for a walk. The beach is always his peaceful spot where he regularly enjoys a nice stroll. But today a surprise was awaiting him: he discovered a bottle with something inside it! Being true to himself and unable to hold his curiosity any […]

Learn and race

During this past week, a friend of ours generously offered us to come join in a race on his boat. Saddly *V* had to stay behind to take care of the *rest*, and of course was a bit disappointed… But not very often you get the opportunity to race as crew on a multihull, and […]

That’s our life really….

Realistically all cruiser knows that those boring tech post are just a cover up for our real life. We try to make it boring so we can keep those anchorage to ourselves.

It was a screen and mirror game! Simply we were playing with your mind, we can’t uphold it any longer. Sorry Sorry…..


How did we get this reputation of “Crazy Frenchman” I wonder?

Ever since we immigrated few years back we have heard regularly sometimes under the breath, sometimes directly : “Wow! Crazy Frenchman”….

Somehow difficult for us to understand! You see when you are surrounded by them you don’t notice it… It must come from that proverb “Imposible n’est pas Francais” an expression we can translate […]

33 Knots on the water.

On our cruising journey we are planing to take all our time to go around the globe, we are simply at the antipodes of racing. Yet for some, sailing around the world with a breaking record is the utmost goal. It is speed versus exploring and the Trophee Jules Verne is one of those. The […]

The counter is on, some people did notice!

Some of you noticed a new gadget at the bottom right of our blog! just there on the right side of the screen, a little lower… yes nearly … there you go!

And to keep you more in the loop, it is exactely what you thought : In other words […]

26 hours at sea…

Our first experience ever, kissing the ocean swells! Indeed a moment of truth, will we be able to do it? Will we be able to sustain the dark watch? Will sea sickness render us un-operational?

Happily we can report back that none of the above invaded us nor took over […]

Moving day and mechanical review for Racor Filter instalation.

We received word that our new marina slip was available for us to move into over the week-end. Weather hasn’t been cooperative in the last few days, so we decided that today was the day. A nice in and out to burn the condensation in the engine and we were back in. We docked in […]