Until we meet again, Bye Tonga

As we speak, Letitgo is all nicely wrapped up and is taking a little holiday away from us! On our side we just took the three steps out of eight to reach our loved ones so far our trip is going very smoothly, here we want to thank our friends for the dinghy and car ride. We had a slight hurdle such as the check in system was unable to macth us with our Esta (USA visa) due a number entered instead of a letter… Then customs didn’t understand why we didn’t have one more piece of paper, however they let us leave the country.

As of now we are enjoying Nandi airport and as good cruiser we already found the wifi spot along with the password, from the VIP lounge thus we are able to post this one! And imagine they have a Burger king here, we are safe….

Here is a view of the Lau group from the air.

And this one depicts well the overall ambiance in Tonga

The pig along with the dog begging for food, during our daily walk…