The Queen mother passed away.

For funeral announcements here there is no need for the obituary in the newspaper all you need is a good set of eyes and observe the draping around town: Along fences and officials buildings you will note black and purple drapes displayed so the community is aware of someone’s death. In regular circumstances it will be displayed at your work place, home and church in honor of the passing, however this time around the word was on the street before the satin came out. On the radio net we were informed of the death of the Tongan’s Queen Mother at 90 years of age in New Zealand. The body arrived yesterday and since then the parishioners of the Church of Tonga have held a vigil mess. This afternoon the funeral ceremony will take place in Tonga’tapu and then for ten days every night there will be a service dedicated to her memory.

Of course due to her status, all radio and TV have immediately switched to prayers/religious choirs only. A national holiday is observed as we speak and for the next ten days you must avoid loud music, parties or any demonstration of exuberance. The government disseminating all its guideline via the good old radio to ensure everybody is listening to it. The rules were even stricter on the main island, though here some businesses opened even though the city was a ghost town during our walk today.

This was the “excitement” of the week for us as the sunshine made an appearance for a few days and if all goes to Mother Nature’s rules we should be free of any weather event for a little while. Needless to say we are still in hibernation onboard Letitgo and making the most of this quiet time.

Here is a photo displaying the damage after the high winds we had about a week ago.

The dock is gone, and the roof didn’t hold…