Hello Vancouver BC

As we write those words we are on the bus from Seattle to Vancouver and are approaching our final destination. Our trip has been fairly easy considering the length of it all and we crossed our last border without any problem! Even if we had a little questioning, as the concept of living on a boat full time in the South Pacific took a little explanation.

Some of you may wonder why we stopped in Seattle and not fly directly to Vancouver; truly our government has implemented a new rule for Citizens holding two passports: You must carry an up to date Canadian passport for air travel even if you own another one still valid, and since Laurent’s one expired in 2014 we didn’t take any chances!

So far here are some of our observations showing how we have been out of the “civilized” world for a good while!

  • Your computer starts downloading windows updates as soon as you hit a wifi spot not metered and keeps running for the next 7 hours straight. So much so that we wondered if in LAX someone from the IT police would come and tap on our shoulder instead of immigration for a while…
  • You laugh at the speed of the said internet even if it’s capped at 4.5 mbps for free connection. Truly it blows our mind to see the speed of it all!
  • Then, when you use the bathroom there is a proper sink with water flowing from the tap and oh surprise it’s hot along with soap readily available. Plus you have paper in the stall and at the counter pure luxury. Add to the fact that all the fixtures are well attached to the wall!
  • The walls are cold.
  • The bus doesn`t play loud music or showing a testosterone movie.
  • The bus toilet is not used by the driver as a smuggling room for all his cross border shopping.
  • Things happen on time and as advertised without any questioning, where is the sense of adventure in this world?
  • No strange food item appears on your plate at breakfast, damn it how do you start a conversation?
  • The trees have no leaves, how come?
  • No wild animals roaming the street.
  • We are driving at an incredible speed and listening to the engine on a higher gear than the third one.
  • You have two backpacks one each side of your body and people look at you as if you are a homeless, or we are asked if we are mountaineers!
  • The DQ Blizzard is not as good as I remembered it. (sad Laurent)

However what has struck us so far is that people don`t smile or look at you in the eyes, they are constantly connected to their screen and don`t even interact with anybody around them. As an example: To place an order you show your screen, not a word not a please not a thank you.

Then again it’s airport life… More to come.