A Vavau update.

We agree Letitgo’s posts are far apart at the moment and realistically not the most exciting. However life on board is still full of learning and simple pleasures; in a way it rather feels as an hibernation but such is cyclone season and it enables us to settle and review what in a more sedentary modern life you take for granted. As you can see there is no “running“ from one anchorage or activities to another, the weather was really not prone for sailing around these last weeks add to that the Vava`u group being quite small in terms of size and the outside distraction minimal. Truly some would find it definitely boring, but we are embracing this time and cherishing it.

Indeed for us it has been a very productive two months, and we both followed some of our old dream in ways we could have never done before, indeed when can you in life focus you attention on something 8-10 hours a day without jeopardizing your work, a relationship or aliening the outside world? Never. With that said: Laurent learnt a new “job” while Valerie took the plunge to rediscover some of her passions; and finally we are taking the time to enjoy movies every night, and reading/devouring books from our electronic library! Truthfully knowing that this situation it will not last forever, makes it all the more enjoyable.

Our day is also based on a walking routine and friends to visit in town for a chat. We splurge for a fish and chip at the Chinese restaurant once in a while and never forget a soft ice cream when the shopkeeper is in the right mood. Mmm… It does sound like an old couple in retirement when you write it but it`s so far away from the reality, or is it?

We have also decided to return to Vancouver for a month and a half visit in two weeks which is a bit sadomasochistic when you know that it is currently 5 degrees centigrade and that yesterday it was snowing! But the pull of being together with our family was stronger.

This is recess the Tongan way, little girls feeding their best friend who happily comes for a visit. To the cuter giggles from these two!