News from the front…..

And by front we mean a weather one, truly this week has been a succession of Tropical depressions since our last post. We saw 40 knots gust in the harbor with some sustained 30 knots but this didn’t translate in any major waves or uncomfortable situation, and this is thanks to our mooring which is located fairly deep in the bay. Basically, we took it as a rehearsal, if we ever get something more serious.

With that said, you may wonder what we do all day. Easy, we escape as often as possible for a walk between two rain showers, we go to the market and look for fresh food, the ladies there are starting to know us! We have been reorganizing in our hard-drive every movie we have collected over the years. And for the first time in our lives we have been watching one or two film per evening since we are not very tired with many diving or hikes around!… Such time in our hands gives us a wonderful opportunity to reunite with some of our favorite past times such as: devouring books, educating ourselves on various subjects or simply play solitaire for someone or backgammon…

And finally as Mother Nature is offering so much fresh water we have been able to take Hollywood showerssss either in the dinghy or from the bucket we ingeniously place under our bimini!

As you can see we have nothing special to report but this is also what cruising is about: Time to reflect, to educate yourself, listen to music or do whatever you fancy. This next week doesn’t look too promising weather wise either as we have strong winds predicted again.

We help you decipher this photo, but take note even the old ice buckets are full that cruiser’s optimization.