Snorkeling galore around Lua Ui.

We have yet to reach the top snorkeling spots in Vava’u, although the ones we are visiting are in pristine waters and bonus point: secluded. We have decided since the weather is holding nicely to tour the less protected anchorages. Here are some pictures of our latest ones, and this time we literally dropped the anchor on a handkerchief of sand and were happy as the last photo shows how our Rocna is nicely dug in.

Even if it isn’t top snorkel we are seeing some pretty neat things, and the water is fairly clear! No complaint…

Whale tail made out of coral.

The “Blue men’s” group inspiration.

Clever way to keep predators at bay, live among the long spikes!

Three squids swimming by.

Spectacular and yes it stayed at the bottom.

One side of the island is made of slabs while the other one is a white sandy beach.

The birds didn’t like when we went for a walk on the beach, soon we realized why.

Mummas were on their nests…

Peace of mind! Now we can sleep better.