Snorkeling continue this time with one bigger fish.

As we were heading out of the crater this morning to explore the Blue Lagoon at the South tip of Hunga, we thought it may be interesting to experience the entrance or the exit for that matter via picture. Valerie was posted on the roof for a good visual thus took some very accurate image. Thirty minutes later we heard a Charter catamaran (TimeOut is the name if you are ever looking to buy it) calling in distress the base, alas his wheel wasn’t responding anymore they had hit a coral head at the entrance, ouch… With that said the reputation is not going to get better any time soon.

On a very different topic our smile of the day was brought by the English speaking VHF net this morning from one of the shopkeeper who declared loudly and without any guilt.

“I may not be in the shop today as I have some errands to run, and then I will likely go home to sleep!”

In retrospective isn’t it a rule we should all live by? Work and then rest, at least someone around here has her priority right.

You can’t go straight as the bottom comes up a little close as per incident.

We told you no room for mistake…

Or is it no margin of error?

Valerie is diving a little closer to bring you this picture.

Once back home we looked in our book and it looks quite similar to a leopard sharck to us, any expert?

While inside Hunga lagoon we went around one island and each area supplied our eyes with a different world every time.

From grass to coral with a different fauna every time.

Grass swept away by the current, truly a beautiful peaceful sight

This one reminds me of the so called “rose des sables” found in the desert.