Relaxing week-end anchored in Euahafa sand spit.

We were due for some alone time and for some snorkeling, free dive and why test the anchor in the meantime! For this we motored just four miles south and anchored on a sand spit next to Euahafa. Truly in Matamaka too many eyes are watching us and today being Sunday this mean we can’t swim and listened to music, well we can but it is not advised…

Cher pere je te rassure nous sommes alles a la messe ce matin a Matamaka chez les methodistes “Church of Wesley” (l’eglise du roi) avant de partir, nous ne nous laissons pas aller.

Pour la petite anedocte entre nous, Laurent commence maintenant a dire “Amen” après un speech!! Ou allons nous?

We haven’t seen them on water yet but we found one ready to go, maybe the width is not valid anymore for the new Tongan stature.

Somewhere in the Gulf Island, ok crop the coconut tree.

No Marquesan friends it is not the bingo’s winning number announced in church. But the Methodist way to let the parishioners know where they need to look in the Testament during mess.

Look the part from a young age.

We found some very nice specimen of the umbrella coral as we call it. And interestingly today we could go from very warm water to freezing cold in 1 meter, thanks to the surf on this reef.

Yes the bakery is openned again just on time for another superb sunset.