One last feast of the year 2016.

We promise this is the last one of the year no more feast after this one… We had been invited by our favorite lady at the market to come to their house a couple of weeks back but didn’t know for what occasion. This week we had exchanged phone numbers and then she didn’t talk to us about it so we thought it would not happen, in the end this morning our phone rung at 9am: “Are you still coming? we will pick you up at 12.30 pm at the market!” We still had no idea about the reason for this occasion.

As we arrived we could sense the house was in ebullition, half a dozen ladies were preparing in the kitchen, on the other side of the house men were cutting meat, and the table was set for a feast. At this time we still have no clear explanation but are ushered to sit only to discover that some China Aid workers will be sitting next to us along with some officially dressed men. Benjamin, we would have needed you as the interpreter for the group was lacking English or Tongan for that matter. What we learned is that they come here for three years in order to build a methane transformation plant they also help with some agriculture challenges and one more thing that will remain a mystery lost in translation. They also originated from central China and had no idea what was Dim-Sum, damn it! There won’t be any close by, for our own pleasure.

At this point the “official looking men” sat down and were performing some speeches on a tone closer to “Somebody died last night” instead of “It’s the end of the year let’s blow it”. Our host responded to these speeches in kind there were a lot of “Malo” (thank you) everyone listened. We still don’t know what was the occasion, and once we asked if something sad had happened we were told that that the tremor in the voice were of joy as we have witnessed on few occasion by now. For the next while a succession of people came and went, ate in different styles and giving us no clue on the reason for the feast.

In the end as everyone had left our hosts we helped clear the table which made a few people laugh and the master of the house started the sharing portions with their two sons. The feast was over; it was time to get back to Letitgo for a rest.

We lightly celebrated in the evening and were sadly reminded why the world is still not a perfect place. Some education and value systems fail to provide a level of comprehension on basic human difference and empathy.

We both want to send you our best wishes for 2017, let’s try to make a better place for us all to live on.

Tous nos meilleurs voeux pour 2017, essayons de faire en sorte que le monde soit une meilleure place pour vivre.

So much food that you have no space for the plate to eat in.


Last year was also a roasted pig on the menu for New Year Eve, today again the skin was also crispy and the meat tender, it’s ok Laurent indulges only once a year and then raves about it for years to come.

Equally shared portions in a scientific way,

Then people appeared from nowhere took their portions and left. And we are still not clear as to why the feast took place.

Mess of January 1st 2017 to show you the next décor.

The ultimate in fashion statement is apparently the matching outfits here an entire family (25 people) came dressed in the same pattern.

Some very imposing mats about 1.5 meter high covering the shoulders