Nuapapu Island Village of Matamaka

So far for us this year has very slowly, indeed Valerie has been under the weather therefore these last days have been mellow onboard. However we had not moved Letitgo for a month now and we felt it was time to escape the city for the outer island, and give our new anchor its first splash!

The mood has been somber in Neiafu due to the death of a 17 year old boy during the grand jubilee after the Prince Ball the one we attended a few days back. This is a good reminder that our intuition to leave early was a good one, you really have to feel those events and push the escape bottom on time.

So after a little provisioning, we sailed away to the island of Nuapapu. This will probably bring some reminiscence to one of our particular reader as they spent a good amount of time here a few years back. Anne we will try to see where the two sisters are now! We have already spoken to the government representative and promised him to bring your book…

City center of a well-tended village 154 people live here.

Gardens and flowers everywhere makes it very hospitable.

A little pre church kava, and we are not the ones to say no.

For our friends in Futuna, this is what modernisation look like: One coconut per person, ladle to pour it and plastic tub to prepare it, where is the world going if hygiene consideration enters the ceremonial.

As we have entered a new year there is a mess at 5am and one at 6pm for the first week.

Our first feast of the year, not pig this time our diet is safe!

The chief of the village wanted to have his photo taken with his family for posterity, we obliged.

A close up of the flower crown, very impressive work which undoubtedly takes hours to make.

Just for the aficionados here is the P202 Bougainville frigate from the Tongan Navy.

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  1. Anne Brevig says:

    Chers amis!
    Bonne annee! Bonne sante!
    So neat that you are seeing people we ran into on Nor Siglar on your amazing adventure. I am enjoying every letter you post, and especially the photos. You sure know how to enjoy cruising to its limit, having as much contact with locals as possible. As you well know by now, the people you meet, both locals and cruisers, end up being the highlight of your odyssey and you sure are good at that! Please do post some photos if you meet the girls and their family. But they most likely are married off in New Zealand or somewhere else by now!
    Martin and I wish you a very happy new year with lots more great experiences!
    All the very best,

  2. No worry we will do for sure and keep you aware of our finding. We are taking the book to the town officer tonight we meet at the feast two days ago. The mystery shall be solved quickly.

    Happy new year 35 degree here in the shade, battery love it.

  3. Anne Brevig says:

    Great, tks! Here it has been freezing cold lately but beautiful and sunny and we have been back country skiing in our own back yard, literally – Westwood Platea only 10 minutes away has lots of snow! Unheard of! Tomorrow, we’re off to Manning Park for the weekend skiing there. As you can tell, we don’t mind the cold at all, but still send warm greetings to the southern hemisphere!

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