Luatefito Island on a few pleasant days.

The string of East islands in the Vava’u group need to be approached only in calm weather since most of these are pretty much anchored in the Ocean with not much protection open to the elements and some nice little patch of corals. Fortunately the weather kept cooperating and we were able to enjoy a real treat. We dove in and discovered lots of dead corals and around a bend came up nose to nose with a juvenile black tip shark. Our friends are back, although this one was a lot more afraid of us than we were of him. You can see that the fishes are not concerned with our presence they take the normal safety procedures are territorial and mostly curious.

For now for us it is time to get back to town we are running really down in our fresh food supplies and we need to see some civilization.

And look at what Mother Nature has brought us, indeed it is the hatching season chicks are on the ground and we noticed a few struggling to get out of their nest which happens to all of us… To our surprise though some eggs are just left there on the grass without any nest built and no soft cushioning, while others are up in the trees. Our only logical reason is predators must be rare.

And finally, for anybody who thinks we are just enjoying cocktail under the sunset, let us bring back some cruiser`s delight. Our outboard started to be temperamental a few weeks ago and I confess it took me all this time to build the courage to tackle it, amazing… Seafoam (Google this magical product if you don’t know it) was not enough to resolve the problem as it kept coming back. In truth this is no wonder when you look at the photo below which shows what the filter collected from the fuel tank and that`s only the solid (see bottom of bucket). So today was the day when I got reconnected once more with the carburetor of our 2HP, now you know why I got a small fuel funnel filter for the regular like I do for the diesel.