Hunga Lagoon

It took us a day and a half to perform the mundane task of restocking Letitgo. You see around here, you don’t just run to the supermarket in order to get everything in one scoop; as a matter of fact you need to walk the eight stores that you appreciate to find the combination to fulfil the list. Same at the market, on Monday not everything is available, so you wait for those amazing pineapples.

Then again we escaped to the island as the weather is keeping up to a beautiful blue sky with not so much wind to make it uncomfortable. With the aid of the genoa we were propelled out went to Hunga Lagoon on the East side of the Vava’u group. Here they dynamited a pass to permit access to some larger boat; we are not talking anything more than 30 meters and to make it even more fun there are some mighty impressive rocks framing the entrance. You miss it you lose that`s a guarantee no second trial on that entrance. We may get a photo on the way out as the entrance didn’t leave us the pleasure we were focused on what we were doing.

The reward is a lake type anchorage with some nice snorkeling, enjoys the pictures below.

This is a wonderful salad, just add a can of fish (mackerel optional) some coconut milk and voila.

Some new variation of fish we know well.

This look like coral but it`s plant, anybody knows what it is.

This is what I found after filtering 20 liters of regular, scary for my baby.