Lunch and evening Ball, with the Crown prince in honor of the Jubilee.

After the choir show last night we inquired about today, and then were invited to join lunch! To our delight we shared this final feast for the jubilee with the Crown Prince and the Oceania Cardinal welcome to Tonga! In the series of exceptional lunch, this was another one to mark in our Calendar. The lobster was delicious, the baby pig tender, the octopus in coconut milk again our first choice along with taro leaves in coco milk, delicious! The energy of the event was impressive even to the last minute as you are about to witness.

Competition in between table for décor and drink, as the food is the same for all.

We never say it was intimate tete a tete after all!!!

HRH Crown Prince Tupouto’a ‘Ulukalala the first in line for the throne of Tonga.

The young lady stayed on her knees and fanned the Crown prince for 4 hours.

Valerie braved the security for this photo, well it will be the story we tell the grand kids.

The offering to the guest of honor kept coming in unbelievable sizes,

Once more we are in awe with the quality of the weaving or tapa, the hours spent on the floor to achieve this only deserve our respect.

The ladies rolling on the ground are showing their respect for the person and to the king at this time, keep that thought in mind.

No doubt they are Tongans from Australia.

Youth in training but already with the Lavalava.

Of course the money showers kept coming at every dance.

Tahiti style dancing but no donation were made people just looked and stared not knowing what to think of the hips movement.

His Eminence Bishop Soane Patita Cardinal Mafi for the closing prayer, our next step is the Pope mmm that’s going to be harder.

Once the Crown Prince left the people went nuts. You remember the rolling for respect; this is the Principal of the school and the oldest alumni.

How many people would be willing to do this in North America?

The Principal enjoying the end of the event with one last “Haka.”

We had been advised that in the evening the Ball was the grand event of the year and the prince was coming as well. Our dress compartment definitely lacks an sparkly evening gown including a tiara for Valerie and a matching color three piece suit for Laurent. Nonetheless we went and saw an official welcoming with the double line, a first waltz with very proper bowing to the prince. Of course all this in total chaos as the prince’s set up was not ready when he arrived on time! Because he had to be up on stage instead of the band, hence a complete removal of the band to organize his throne, he had to come back a little later.

We also noticed the absence of a bar during the reception and that’s why people arrived with their own cooler filled with all the goodies, we didn’t stay very late as the atmosphere was warming up quickly.