Christmas Day and the two following

We had to give up on the midnight mess on Saturday night as we had gone to bed at 4am, but on Sunday morning Christmas day we wanted to share the love the Tongan way. The wind instruments made their appearances at church and the choir was even more spectacular, in par with many concerts. […]

The event of the season for Neiafu.

This week we had the visit of the biggest cruise ship ever to come to the Vava’u group, it didn’t come inside the harbor but anchored outside and ferried the passengers. We have been trying to debate if it was due the space then again we saw tankers come in or if it was the […]

The church Of Tonga’s celebration

During one of our walk last Sunday afternoon a lady vendors at the market spotted us and noticed our interest in the singing around the Church of Tonga. We had seen a lot of trucks parked nearby some were nicely dressed with suit and ties people and of course the choir singing. While buying tomatoes […]

Neiafu’s first impression

What a difference from our last place of call Niuatoputapu on the surface at least, as you will see we are back where electricity is readily available thus bringing back the lovely amenities such as a fridge in stores the ATM and most importantly for us street lights, so we can walk without the fear […]