We are officially wlecomed in Tonga

As Monday morning came we were able to get notice for our check in procedures. In the village of Hi’hifo we easily found our way to the officials building and once we sat in the immigration office, the lady in charge was all ears and the entire process was rather straight forward. While close to […]

First impression Niuatoputapu

Upon approaching the island we forgot to mention that we were pleasantly greeted by a whale show, a very nice touch for our arrival from the Tourist development Bureau. The King of Futuna must have phoned ahead his colleague, the King of Tonga; indeed we have arrived in the last monarchy in the South Pacific. […]

Arrived In Niuatoputapu Kingdom of Tonga

After a midnight start we motor sail nearly all the way to Niuatoputapu. The start was rougher than expected and we never got the calm in the wind but overall a descend passage, when we consider the direction and season we were traveling in we can’t complain… We had to zig-zag when we crossed a […]

Futuna final hours.

The men of Leava around a kava bowl solving the local problems, just like every night. Forever, Futuna will be engraved in our memory for its authenticity and ability to live the traditional way in 2016 as well as being part of France. So far Futuna has survived the invasion of our modern world but […]

Christ du Roi, Royaume de Sinave Futuna

Interestingly enough it seems that a lot of customary village parties are taking place whenever we are in town, or is it that we are just more aware of our surroundings than in our previous life? We have more time and are not self-absorbed in the “metro-boulot-dodo” (work-metro-sleep) pattern. Anyway, we had been advised all […]

Futuna Island discovery.

As our stay is extending, we have the chance to take part in various activities. Yesterday we received an e-mail from the cultural service department; we were invited to join them for an afternoon of patrimonial class at the local high school. This is a great way to keep the tradition alive, bring someone from […]

Lest not forget..

November 11, Remembrance Day; a perfect day to be reminded of how lucky we are to have been able to live in free country because of the help of men and women during hard times. We were cordially invited to join the ceremony where the Marseillaise was sung, the colors raised and a ministerial speech […]

Taro land Asian style.

In Wallis a friend had mentioned a place like no other. We were given the direction and information of a rice paddy style culture of taro. In just a few steps you are transported to Asia and you could forget where you are for good reasons. While walking around, we talked with one of the […]