Ste Therese de lisieux…

It may look as if we are currently on a quest for the various “St Patron” throughout Wallis truly it is simply that our stay seems to coincide with the colorful village celebration. We feel very welcomed and are slowly being initiated to the culture and essentially the ritual of Kava ceremony. This one was […]

Lunch with the King…..

We told you our social agenda was busy, but we certainly never expected to have lunch with the King and Governor so quickly. It still happens today in a wonderful setting, we went to the village of Haafuasa for their Saint Patron day, St Michael the Archangel. It was a grandiose affair that started at […]

In love with the dateline

Two days in a row it was my birthday, what not to love about living on the date line. Everybody is confused and including us, so we celebrated in style a second time with a more traditional way. To us it is still incredible all the encounters we make while roaming through the pacific, we […]

Happy Birthday to you Laurent!

A very special day celebrated in grandeur with the most amazing views. We have shared many stories with Jean-Pierre and Soana and flying being one of their passions came into the conversation of course. Jean-Pierre was one of the pioneer pilots in Tahiti, and he worked for the precursor of Air Tahiti and was the […]

Sunday’s surprise

Sunday arrived with its languid fervour and led us slowly to the village’s cathedral where we witness the weekly mess, for that we needed to set our alarm clock at 5.30 am to make into town by 7.00am. This tiny island in the middle of the Pacific hosts more churches than our eyes can reach, […]

A day from hell even in paradise!

There is no way around as I read and re-read this, because if we want to share our Carnet de Voyages from time to time there has to be a technical post. After all our daily life isn’t a fairy land and we have our days when we don’t see the end, when we don’t […]

Welcome to Wallis

We had an early appointment to spend the day with Sona and Jean Pierre. How wonderful it is to discover Wallis in such company, again thank you for all the treats and a memorable lunch in the most paradisiac setting, we were just commenting last night at how delicious and flavourful every dish was. To […]

Arrived in Wallis

We didn’t order it but the car wash came to us, we had more rain than we have ever experienced well that we can remember anyway! Even last night we pass in between two storm cells, the lighting was spectacular and the computer along with other electronics found their way in the oven. The rest […]