In the lagoon, recuperating

Our daughter posted this amazing photo of Valerie before her departure from Vancouver. It summarizes impeccably a cruiser’s luggage situation when you are coming back to civilization rarely… Back in the South Pacific, we finally detached ourselves from the dock of Technimarine and made our way to the lagoon’s anchorage, so we are not too […]

Daily life…

Letitgo is currently rebelling with us, and wants to get back to her sea life! She has been on the hard for so long and has now decided to pop one of our major window out. While Valerie was cleaning and reviewing every nook she mentioned that one of the black seal was gone, though […]

Slowly but surely.

We are still working and at this point are getting sick of painting! As you will note below we are in the slings and getting ready for the next stage. Letitgo has received more attention than ever, she has been polished and waxed and has received six very fine coats of antifouling, the saildrive had […]

Heiva 2016 Tahiti

We are working hard to render Letitgo back to her tip top shape; fortunately our boss is allowing us one break once in a while. And for that this week-end we decided to see the Heiva Tahiti with Tepo’o and Angelo. This year forty one groups are competing with incredible choreography and music to be […]