Daily life on land!

As Benjamin re-integrates land life with a cellphone in hand and a bike; I find myself pondering on all that has happened since we left land life. The city is growing and buzzing and is even more vibrant than ever. New high buildings have been raised thus making the landscapes more and more urban yet […]

More inspections.

Impeller check, epoxy a light fitting and wait for it to dry fully before re-installing the hardest part, vacuum the engine room, the list doesn’t stop. Visit a roulotte once or twice a week, not the magazine life but we don’t complain either. The weather is holding and giving us a perfect work environment. Another […]

And the work continue

A boat yard even in Tahiti is still a dirty place, and it is no exception here. But Letitgo needs all this TLC after four years of travelling hard we need to review all systems and go down our snag list. And this is what we will share with you today. De-rust/paint a bracket and […]

Welcome back to Vancouver!

After a surprising good sleep on the first plane ride, we got off in Los Angeles. Both Benjamin and I looked at each other in disarray… Where were we? What had just happened? Was this real? Our bodies and brains ached, and we were being over stimulated read attacked by noises, lights, and eht hustle […]

Cruising essential for sure.

Now that the whirlwind of departure is passed, we need to put the priority right. So first thing first, I went to the “erotic store” of most cruiser that comes to Tahiti, VBP. I let you discover by yourself the product in store, I could spend hours and $$$$. But, I was focus on my […]

Bye Bye Benjamin

Here we are, the day as come to say au revoir to our second child. But the bye byes were not only with his parents but also with his Marquesan extended family. It took a good day of travelling around Papeete to accomplish the task. We even had some unexpected encounter and surprise. We did […]