Tahiti extravaganza!

Tahiti is a land of strange encounters. After the somewhat reclusive life we have been accustomed to on the islands and even if it is our second time around we are still in shock. Indeed, once you set foot on land you are submerged by the noise pollution and exhaust fumes with all the traffic. […]

A week in Ahe

We have just had an incredible week since our arrival yet it is time to allow Letitgo to glide smoothly on the water again; for the weather forecast indicates good wind on our favour. In the mean time we have kept busy, re-connecting with friends, children swimming from the dock to Letitgo and then dinner […]


We arrived in Ahe a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed our reunion with our friends, the welcome was wonderful the kids have grown and the beauty of it all is unchanged. The sun is out and there is an anti cyclone making the atoll extremely quiet as there is absolutely no wind for this […]

Day four Manihi

It was a few hours to short to enable us to sail all the way to Ahe (in daylight that is), so we diverted to Manihi just above to safely anchored for the night. We retrieved the top lift from the mast highest point and got it “fixed” until we change it in Tahiti. Overall […]

Day One and Two

Here we are at sea again, two days of wonderfully sailing with the wind coming from behind in speed of 8-15 knots with a following sea. The best of condition so far, that propelled us 257 nm in 48 hours without engine. The top lift (line that lifts the end of the boom)gave up on […]

Tears from Vaitahu

One by one, and ever so gently we have pulled ourselves out of our dearest Vaitahu, we are on schedule to leave today, we still have to raise the anchor and we should be underway around 2:00pm Monday 09th of May. Apae my friends! The future generation of Vaitahu will welcome you for the years […]

Our last week-end in Vaitahu

Time has come forecastly (don’t even bother to look for that one in the dictionary) (planned would be the best translation…), for us to set sail on Monday. The wind is supposed to comeback after a month of total calm just as a 134A in a boat compressor. For the three of us this means: […]