Easter Week-end

It has been a very sociable and busy week-end since there were two departures toward the metropole this week from Tahuata’s inhabitants. Military personnel: One just signed up for five year and the second one is returning back to France after a four months’ vacation. Now all in queue please, Kai Kai everybody! And if […]

Tapatapa 2016 Tahuata

Every year the three Southern islands’ elementary schools come together for a major competition: The Orero accompanied to a tapatapa which is an ancestral contest of declamation. This art was revived through the school system when the Marquesan language was re-instituted into the curriculum. With that said, we have been truly fortunate to watch the […]

A dream realized….

After three weeks of classes, we can now say that Valerie realized one of her dreams: teaching to elementary. Every morning she provides an English period for the CM1-CM2 (grade 4-5), no more boring flash cards for them but songs, games and general discussions. Yesterday was a particularly fun day as Valerie got them to […]

Life in the slow lane.

Nothing moves quickly around here, nothing changes rapidly it is the slow movement at its best! The next day delivery doesn’t exist, and high speed internet is a laughable statement… A smartphone/tablet is nonetheless common in most household and the expectation coming with it, is real. The juxtaposition of those two worlds is mindboggling and […]

Festival Flash Back

As we are working through the thousand’s of photo for the tourism board, we like to share a few from back in December. The photos below are from a disk given to the Mayor of Hiva Oa and where taken during the festival by various boat, we couldn’t keep them hidden with such a quality.

Tahuata’s talents

Three weeks have already gone by and it seems in the blink of an eye! The Aranuis was back anchored in the bay early this morning, with that said today we made a concerted effort to be there before the rush and to be able to take some photos in more detail for you. All […]

What’s happening in paradise?

What’s happening on the”belle ile of Tahuata”? We are not posting as frequently as usual, truly we are having a more sedentary life these days and enjoying every bit of it though there are not many photos to share with you. We are still building some wonderful memories and privileged moments, such as the one […]