We are upping the rank.

For the Lagoon 380 owners: before anything, we just wanted to share a thought. Fortunately you don’t learn all the mistakes by yourself and sometimes you get a eureka moment from somebody else. In the instructions manual of our dear boat, it mentions to keep the draining valves connecting the outer most lockers to the […]

Our lIfe in Vaitahu and Hiva Oa

Before anything else, here is the answer to our quiz of the last post. The metal frame is for a fruit picker, fix it to the end of a long stick with piece of an inner tube and you will pick the highest fruits that are perfectly mature. The swell reappeared out of nowhere with […]

Re-discovering Vaitahu

Well, it`s already been a week since we came back to Vaitahu. The swell is down actually let us rephrase the swell is not a hundred percent and we sometimes practice rodeo to get to the dock! The day/night/sea waters are incredibly hot, definitely a change from last year and to give you an example […]

Article for BCA

This is the latest article for our Cruising association, just to highlight how easy it is to achieve wonders with the right frame of mind.   After Mexico, where do we go? In our last article, we mentioned that Mexico was just down the coast an easy sail away from our secure waters of the […]

Bye Bye to our family.

What a surprise, Koki and Titi came especially from Vaitahu (they took a speed boat early in the morning) to deliver flower couronnes that Titi made the day before all by hand. This was to bid farewell to our parents and wish them “bon voyage”. What a beautiful gift of kindness, thank you Titi and […]

Hiva Oa discovery

Sadly we haven’t been able to go back to shore before leaving Vaitahu hence Mamau and Papau have not been able to say their good-byes, the swell crashing on the dock was really a big risk we didn’t want to take. So we voyaged toward Hiva Oa and started to discover its wonders. We had […]


Hapatoni is definitely a beautiful valley, and we took a day outing for a visit. It is rich in history with pleasant surroundings and great carvers. Here is another view for you. For any reader born before 2015, this is how calls used to be made in a telephone booth, Emma this is how we […]