We knew that we were pushing the envelope weather wise and for the last three days we have been paying the price. We are currently stuck in Rangiroa awaiting the passage of a depression north of us. We took refuge near the village of Tiputa, which is well protected from the Northern wind. The Gribs […]

Daily life in Tikehau

Since we arrived in the village and docked we are enjoying Tikehau once again. The village is a real treat to walk through, the people so nice to be around and the surrounding seafront a source of treasure for the artist in residence. Our guests now feel they finally arrived in French Polynesia, truly it […]

Tikehau revisited.

As we reached Tikehau’s pass the sun was rising, and the mood even at 5:00am was pretty joyful! Fortunately the buoy was available next to the pass and without a question we took the spot. It is important to know that ever since we left Bora the wind hasn’t subsided and 4 days later it […]


It’s official, we arrived! And we can officially declared that we have just had the worst passage ever for Letitgo. This trip is normally just 235 nm in direct line, and we did 500 nm to get here, we’ve had the wind on the nose since departure and all the way with an average of […]

Bora Bora

Back in the “pearl of the Pacific”! Truly not quite, but it was a “must-stop” we had to look at the different shades of blue! While we were downloading our e-mails before departing Ta’haa we discovered the brutal news from our birth country. Our thoughts were turned to France, and the crossing to Bora Bora […]

The Coral garden revisited

We went twice in a day and just can’t get enough of it; it is simply still amazingly beautiful. The variety of fishes, the clarity of water, the quality of the corals everything was there to spend a day in paradise from beginning to finish. Mr et Mrs Devin were spotted in Tahaa, the paparazzi […]

We are upping the ante.

The time to get in the water seriously has now come; as some may remember previously we had zip-lined together in Ecuador, walked in the jungle, and went across the river in a canopy, and finally “bungee” jumped for some. Truly we knew we could push the envelope a tad moreā€¦ Now before anything you […]

Moorea la belle

Finally we kissed good-bye Tahiti, after one last Carrefour farewell tour, how can we resist the pull of such abundance? It is now time to trade the world of consumerism and reconnect to a more minimalistic one. With that in mind, we took the first steps toward the detox cleanse for our new crew and […]