Bora Bora at last.

Here we are at last. Bora Bora, an atoll renowned all over the world, it has been making people dream of paradise forever, the water is blue and the mountain lush. Pinch us! Is it real? We are currently nested between the St Regis and the not so fresh Meridien… Yeap we are here, and […]

Coral Garden Tahaa

After all the rain we’ve had lately; today was a postcard perfect day! Finally our batteries received their fair share of energy, the water-maker filled our water tanks and the laundry had proper time to dry! Once all set and done the coral garden was calling us, and here are more pictures to tantalize your […]

Stuck because of Benjamin

Yes, we had to stay longer than we “wanted” in this anchorage and all of this is “because of Benjamin”. Bias statement this is, because realistically with scenery like this we didn’t want to move and we certainly don’t want to complain. Though admittedly university admissions are long and heavy to fill, since internet signal […]