Fruit juice of Polynesia

After walking passed all the pineapple plantations yesterday, we were curious as to where they were all processed. The Rotui’s juice factory is located at the end of Cook’s bay where you can visit and educate yourself on the whole process. They are not only producing juice but also syrups, jams, liquor and wine. It […]

Moorea love at first sight.

We are in Paopao’s bay, needless to say it is gorgeous here and the surroundings are even more astonishing, for our second day in Cook’s Bay we let the weather decides for us. And morning brought us a beautiful day with clear blue sky it was then time to put on our walking shoes on […]

Almost there? Or so we thought…

The end is near, the supermarket Carrefour helped us refresh our stock and Letitgo is in an amazing shape. Better than it’s been in over two years, when our parts will arrive in November we will be 98% complete in our projects list. And this time around unexpectedly we even splurged for a new water […]


You would think that being back in a big island and so close to Tahiti would make internet life easier but it in truth it doesn’t. It turns out the re-seller Hotspot-WDG hasn’t paid the shop owner where his antenna is located for a while and rightly this one decided to simply unplug the modem. […]

What are we up to in Tahiti.

Weeks are passing by very quickly and thankfully our “to do list” is shrinking! We are doing our best to stay on task for two reasons: One to keep our budget in line and not start wondering in stores aisle after aisle to buy things we think we need when in fact we can do […]