Tikehau Coco oil making.

The last post mentioned having to wait for the photo but plan change and  we are back in the village, not wanting to bash the way up. Enjoy the next three posts.   On our way to do our last shopping and trash chore, we started talking with two gentlemen. During our conversation the topic […]


A simple post via our now famous radio to let you know that we have been in the middle of the atoll for the last three days after spending a day anchored out near the “Pearl lodge resort”, hence there have been no new posts. Why you may wonder? Because the manta rays are known […]


It is often said in our world that the encounters and their richness are what makes voyaging extraordinary, and this certainly has true meanings for us sadly Rangiroa will not hold anything special in our hearts. Indeed we felt that there were too many attractions for not enough tourists, there was absolutely no leadership to […]