Toau update

Just a quick update for our friends who are listenning to “Polynesie premiere” news, one Laurent got in major trouble while diving the pass yesterday afternoon of Toau; thankfully he is not from Letitgo… Early only on today we realized something was going on when the “Daulphin” helicopter kept circling above Letitgo. We quickly switched […]

Life in “civilization”

We ate out for the first time since January at a snack owned by a Vaitahu’s native just by the dock (unfortunately it should change hand in august), delicious food and great company we had, with interesting conversations and good laughs, it is always a delight. We have been able to re-stock with everyday products […]

Rotoava Fakarava

Your turn now try and pronounce quickly three times after us, Rotoava Fakarava, it’s not that easy when you have to roll the “R” is it? Well finally we were able to leave the other side of the atoll two days ago, which we crossed in not the best conditions. Out of nowhere we had […]

Fakarava South

There are many boats around as we are in the high cruising season and Fakarava is one of the most popular atoll; truly we haven’t seen this much boat since we last were in Panama. The grib files are forecasting stronger winds from the South which makes Fakarava South anchorage a perfect place to spend […]

The force was not with us this time.

After a final evening/dinner with Alexandra and Florent, we waited for the alarm to wake us up and were ready for an early departure en route to Katiu. It is just a day trip with only a 60 nm or so we thought! Indeed our average speed went down drastically with calm winds, so instead […]

And another one for the book…

Or when your world is turned upside down! Since we had a successful day yesterday, we decided to try our luck at repairing the water heater. Now we are talking superfluous, but once in a while a little warm shower after some engine time can feel like a day at the spa or even a […]

One of those couple of days….

We have been fairly quiet these last few days and this is why: As I am waiting in the early morning for “the expert in refrigeration “in Makemo, I reflect on the low of cruising; when a boat could be sold for a song, when you dream of a 9:00 to 5:00pm cubicle job and […]