Makemo village

Truthfully in itself the village doesn’t have a lot of charm but again the people you meet make the difference. And this is exactly what it is at the moment, we met Alexandra and Florent friends of Rueben, you remember our favorite Togolais nurse. They were wonderful and shared many of their own cruising knowledge […]

Photo update from the last week

We arrived in Makemo early this morning, after reefing all night long to slow down Letitgo, which was a first in our sailing life. We entered the pass just at sunrise around 6am and anchored in the harbor full of coral heads. After a good rest and a nice breakfast it was time to get […]

Raroia the discovery

A walk to the store a few kisses and a little chat here and there got us invited to someone’s house to see them working the nacre. We didn’t know what to expect and what this involved, but it turns out that Amandine we had met the previous afternoon is actually the grand- mother and […]

Tuamotus here we are.

Well well well. It turns out we may have to reconsider our average speed calculations! Truly we usually use a 5 knot speed average to be conservative but our last two sails in the South Pacific have been a lot quicker. You see, we had anticipated to be travelling from the island of Tahuata to […]

Patience Patience …

Unlike some of our neighbours, we are not in any rush and there are still many things to do around us which is very fortunate. As you can see above on the graphic depiction of our weather system, the white is still between us and our next destination and it has been rather slow to […]

Starting to say Bye Bye…

“Confirmations” are next week, there is another wedding here in July and then the Aranui is coming with the varnish for the rest of the church’s ceiling and the list goes on and on… We have even been asked when and where we would like to purchase a piece of land? Truly we could prolong […]