When are we leaving?

  It looks like a farewell lunch and it was one, but plans in our lifestyle are sometimes just that: plans. After our last post I Laurent developed a fever for 24 hours and got some nasty looking cuts (not to worry Mummy was called and he already feels better, plus the nurse is pampering […]

The rush before we leave.

Finally our decision is made; we will be on the move again to sail to the Tuamotus beginning of next week if the forecast keeps the same of course… This means that the entire village has heard the news and projects are coming out of the wood work like never before, a medley of washing […]

Taking care of us…

Once in a while we need to take care of ourselves and today was such a day. Knowing that soon we will be on the move again it gave us the push we needed to turn our attention on Letitgo. Nevertheless, I was still able to squeeze in a weed whacker repair but the gentleman […]

Working our way….

Nothing much exciting to report around here, except that we are not bored and are booked up until Monday for work… well let us rephrase that one, it is not quite work actually. In the meantime Benjamin performed his provincial exam in English under the supervision of the principal and he keeps progressing in his […]