Food knowledge part 2

Undoubtedly you must be starving after all the deliciousness we posted on our previous log, so we will follow course in our quest for the perfect Marquesan fare. For this we will move toward the fire and discover the secret of a smooth “kaku”. On the fire place your “mei” or bread fruit, when it […]

Shut out of paradise

The swell decided to run from the North and this is not a good thing here in Vaitahu. This means the dock is overwhelmed, making landing rather challenging and leaving your dinghy feels a little… well suicidal, indeed the waves crash rather abruptly and have enough time to get speed and height that are high […]

Pae Pae

A visit back in time: We have to remember that at the beginning of last century or late the one before, the Marquesas had hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. It is hard to imagine nowadays, when a maximum of 10.000 populate the six inhabited islands. Take the example of Vaitahu, where at the moment four […]

Walk in the Park

The new nurse in Vaitahu encourages vividly the population to join in an exercise regime to bring them the goodness of being a bit lighter. To follow the trend and show that we all need it we went for a nice walk around Tahuata, we took the road towards Motopu and reached after 6 hours […]


We just crossed path with a wonderful woman: Georgette and felt she deserved a special place on our travel journal. At the moment she is travelling the Marquesas all on her own via whatever way she can master and is staying with various families who are happily sharing their home. We first met her in […]