It’s stormy around here.

Before anything the response to the quiz from two days ago, those two lovely packages are dried banana.   It’s been raining heavily since mid-day yesterday, not for 5 minutes like we have been used to but for hours on end with some nice flash of lighting. This brings us to the darker side of […]

Ordinary day in Hanavave

With all the buckets of water pouring down on us, it is the perfect weather for a nice cup of hot cocoa around the fireplace! One of those days when you could stay under the blanket all cozied up and read book, but none of that on the Letitgo crew “No, SireY”! We had an […]

PPN PCG or what it costs to eat.

Busy week-end onboard Letitgo, we were buzzing like little bees… For those interested Yes it was Sunday and No we didn’t make it to church this time… You see, we were entertaining and cooking and baking to have our guests try different things; in other words we were having fun and were back to our […]

Simon the stone Sculptor

On Fatu hiva, the other tradition apart tapa and wood sculpture is stone carving. Simon is simply a master at it and displays a great personality; we really enjoy getting to know him. He has been recognized nationally and has some very large item on display on many islands. At the moment as every artist […]

Paternity and Motherhood a different way.

The traditions and values are so different in various societies, that it takes time to comprehend them, talk to people, ask question and this story today is one of them. In the Marquises, it is accepted and expected to have your first born male to be given to their grandparents and have them to raise […]

Sweet life Sunday

By now, you all know our Sunday routine: early wake up call, followed by a quick breakfast and church service of course. Well, well let us reassure you South America hasn’t converted us to be Catholic (or any religion for that matter), but around here if you wish to see the true color of the […]