The Grand tour of Hiva Oa.

Tonight we will celebrate three weeks in the Marquise already, time flies indeed and truthfully we barely scratched the surface of understanding the culture of the island. Yesterday, we rode the dirt tracks of Hiva Oa and discovered some beautiful sites with more stones to watch while reminiscing South America. Thanks to a connection we […]

We are lost in Paradise

Yes Yes yes ….. we know no news is good news; but we shouldn’t abuse of this statement. Nonetheless here is the last scoop, we have been stuck in a bay at the foot of a valley with nothing, even our trusted Ham Radio isn’t able to catch the wave in the last little while, […]

Ivaiva on Tahuata

We have another post with photos coming your way later, about our week-end trip around the island of Hiva Oa, but that can only happen once we have a real connection. We just wanted to let you know that the new week got us out of our twenty one day stupor and routine. Sunday was […]

BBQ in Paradise.

What a privilege to be invited to a BBQ in paradise. Yvette et Philippe asked us to join them at their house. The weather was picture perfect, the color magic to top it all up their home is overviewing the anchorage with a wonderful view over the bay and the ocean, truly it was a […]

Daily life in Atuona

Over the week-end we decided that a bit of exercise would be a good thing. And for that we had ahead of us an easy trek to the cemetery, we wanted to pay a visit to the two most famous tombs, we were not disappointed the view up top is stunning. One fact about the […]