After shock of passage

A little meal of Cassoulet, 1.5 glass of wine each (first intake in 1 month) by 20.00 (time wise we are back to local time minus 9.5 zulu) we were in bed sleeping like babies before we could even roll around, we slept like logs until 7.30 am with no problem, the sunshine was then […]

Atuona first impression

As we entered the bay in the “dark”, we only saw the outline of the rugged peak around us; overall it was rather stressful with only one engine. With the moon light we were able to see the four other anchored boats and the shore and we then crashed in bed. But this morning, every […]

Day 26 Arrival in Atuona Bay

We are now in overtime or to be more accurate over-distance; at 20.30 on the 28/12/2014 we reached the 3564.06nm which is the exact distance from the entrance of Bahia to the mouth of Atuona by the great circle route. We still have 46.9 nm to achieve to join the two ends or an extra […]

Day 25 Bahia De Caraquez to Atuona

Laurent’s front: 170 nm as I write these lines, late Sunday Afternoon Local time or Early Monday morning Zulu time, we should arrive in Atuona. The progress has been so steady that we have been predicting this date as early as, day 14 of our passage. But Letitgo still keep us on our toes, an […]

Day 24 Bahia De Caraquez to Atuona

Laurent’s front: Welcome to the South Pacific! Seems to be what Neptune is telling us, from drizzles we went to squalls overnight. Just the beginner one, but still going for 24/7 10-14 knots to 30 knots in seconds encouraged by a monsoon rainfall in total darkness, this makes you realize that you just entered another […]

Day 23 Bahia De Caraquez to Atuona

Day 23 Bahia De Caraquez to Atuona Laurent’s front: 08′ 22 S – 129′ 51 W is where we had our Christmas Eve supper in the year 2014, rather unusual and for sure a piece of conversation at some point. Even Santa Claus found us without a problem, technology is amazing these days, but again […]

Day 22 Bahia De Caraquez to Atuona

Laurent’s front: Tuna pate instead of foie gras, the oysters didn’t grow on the hull so no go, and chicken instead of turkey (first meat in 24 day, Ben shall be happy). Something is different about this Christmas; I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it is because, we haven’t heard one of those […]

Day 21 Bahia De Caraquez to Atuona

Laurent’s front: 1.2e+09 Dyne or more easily visualized 1223659.455573 Gram-Force is the pressure that was applied on a carabineer of the preventer and stretched it. Yes our third jibe in so many days, this time due to a squall, but no worry Letitgo and the crew were ready and we had no problem dealing with […]

Day 20 Bahia De Caraquez to Atuona

Laurent’s front: During the night we just passed Vancouver’s longitude, yes on day 20 we regained all we have travelled from day 1. Rather amazing the angle that the American continent sits on the globe, when in our collective frame of mind, we see it rather upright. Excluding the geography professor (if any are left […]