4 days before we escape…

What can we say, we have been diligently working and have been pretty focused these last day in order to ensure we are all done on time and don’t need to stress before departure. On the frame of mind side, we are relaxed about the passage but the long days of work and ensuring that […]

And we keep working….

We are spending so much on food that we had to improvise and started a new career. Bright and early we are selling plastic wear in the street of Bahia, well that what it look like anyway. But the reality is that our restaurant connection came through and we found six 20 liter tanks and […]

The last hooray

The time has come to say goodbye to our parents, we had a fantastic month of travel. Experienced lots of firsts and discovered a new country in Latin America which we found diverse and full of surprise. So in style we celebrated before traveling back to Quito, well in reality it was just to ensure […]

Chap Chap Dinghy Chap

The last four days have kept us pretty busy; a dinghy chap is not an easy sewing project and was on our list for a while. Indeed, the shape is complex with all the curves add to that the handles it definitely needs a minimum of precision to achieve something that looks half descent. The […]

Summary of Ecuador trip

Now that we are back on Letitgo for good, we can reflect on our month trip in Ecuador. All in all we have thoroughly enjoyed our land tour in Ecuador a truly divers country with many sceneries. From mountains, to volcanoes via the amazon to the seaside; add to that color from the flowers and […]