Final day in the jungle.

While some of us scratched a few bug bites, others had another wonderful night in our mesh tent. The noise of the jungle is just mesmerizing at night and lulls you to sleep in a heartbeat, sometimes you wonder what is outside of that little bubble of yours. We had one day left and we […]

Transported in another dimension, the Amazon.

Truly it all started in the bus when they turned the light on; we were transported into another dimension. Out of Banos we made it to Puyo then another minivan to the doorstep of the Amazonia. The temperature rose rapidly along with the humidity level and finally the vegetation just engulfed us in its lush […]

Quilotoa to Chugchilan

This is the summary of another pretty amazing hike; around 8 am we left the view point at 3800 MSL and walked northward as per the instruction of this document. Once you reach the third and largest sand area, which take up to one hour to one hour and half, make your way down to […]

Quilotoa Loop Zumbahua fair and Quilotoa lake

This portion of the trip was one of the sections a little more unknown and a little less obvious for us to plan. There was a lot of information available online, although confusing. We will have available the next two posts and share the secret of a very enjoyable loop with wonderful sceneries. Our advice […]

Our vision of everyday life in Ecuador

The last two days have been dedicated to move half way down the country and walk around two cities. We now have made our way to Latacunga in preparation for the Quilitoa loop. So here is a selection during our exploration of everyday life.   The new official logo of Ecuador, “Ama la vida” “love […]