Sunday in La Paz

Sunday is the day the pickpockets are out in force all over obviously. And here is what we observed, first we took some money out from the ATM, my two side kick were watching while I was doing so, but none spotted the young man with a backpack observing and then following us. Half a […]

Tiwanaku Pre-Inca ruins

Today was not looking so promising, the sky was grey and the rain was strong. After checking the weather forecast and no change for tomorrow, the decision was made to still make a run for Tiwanaku’s ruins. This village toward Peru and Lake Titicaca is believed to be the mother of other civilizations in South […]

A day walking around La Paz

La Paz is a strange city, with some jewels of architecture in the middle of a sea of unruly urbanization. If you arrive here directly from one of the G7 country, the poverty next to “wealth”, with every square meter used for something, the amount of traffic fighting for space, the level of noise every […]

Lake Titicaca and the islands

To say that Peru keeps amazing us is a small statement! Indeed our eyes are filled with incredible sceneries our brains with messages on simple life, our ears with silent night on the island. With that said after two days on the Lake Titicaca we have to make space in our memory bank… Below are […]

Colca Canyon to Puno

Visiting the Colca canyon can only be done easily through an agency, so here is the scoop. They all use pretty much the same kind of vans/minibus (sub-contracted) and stop at the same places (except if you take a very expensive private tour), a “tour guide” is provided at the same time but don’t expect […]

Arequipa to Chivay

Today was time to leave Arequipa en route to Chivay. Just to keep the South American legend of bad bus, we had to have a small problem. Just a small one though, we heard a little pop on the first hill, it turns out the turbo pipe blew off. But in 20 minutes we were […]

Arequipa 474th anniversary

You know the drill, we show up in town, we see the stage get set-up during the day, then we inquire and join later for the show! It happened again in this beautiful city, the folkloric ballet National of Peru came and gave a performance for the 474th Anniversary of the city. The costumes with […]


Breakfast is served on the roof top terrace, from where you have a magnificent view of the volcano and city. We enjoyed it and relax until mid-morning when we started to explore the city a little more. So let’s go for a walk around. Look at this array of cheese, truly a dream for us… […]

Lima to Arequipa

After three fantastic days in Lima, it was time to head further south; which means for us another 17 hour bus ride, we settled in seat 7-8-9 our usual in a brand new carriage. We were surprised to be asked for our blankets back! Already, we had arrived in Arequipa finding again the blue sky […]