Immigration done

The immigration is done, now we have to get the health inspection a little later during the day. Custom shall be tomorrow and then we will be cleared in for good. We had a quick walk around town and of course found the market; the overall atmosphere made us think of Santa Rosalia (Northern Sea […]

Arrival Puerto Armistad.

After a fantastic night sleeping anchored outside the bay, our fisherman’s acquaintance came back to guide us in, the youngest son of the family riding with us. If you ever make the trip, even at high tide you will not have much under the keel and DO NOT rely on the chart. These are for […]

Day 5 Bashing

Not much to say, except that one of our alternators seems to be non-operational, one more thing for the list when we arrive. The ride is close haul bashing with the help of 20 knots wind since two days now. We are making headway not having to tack too much, with the help of the […]

Day 4 Same old Same old

Early evening brought some wind in the 20knots range. We shut down the engine and enjoyed a night of bashing toward the coast. Not the most enjoyable ride but free mileage is never to be refused. This continued all day and as off 16.00 we were able to get 110 Nm closer to our goal. […]

Day 3 In the groove

The crew and Letitgo are getting slowly back into the groove of crossing voyage, with that said we are able to keep a good rhythm in our watches and in an equal manner. Letitgo took a little more work, a reset to factory default on the Raymarine E120 (Chartplotter) got us back to working perfectly […]

Day 2 Out of the Gulf of Panama

“”Travel west, young man” was the sage word of friends who just did this route a few month ago, we have no problem following their advice for once. The wind pushed us nicely out of the gulf and into the beautiful blue water of the North Pacific. At the same time somebody well intentioned did […]

Day 1 Panama City- Bahia De Caraquez

After retrieving our parcel from Bill (thank you so much for everything), another good bye with good friends and we flew out of Panama City. And when we say flew, because we kind of did from 16.00 to 21.00, we had a range going from 18 to 25 knots wind, rather brisk for a first […]

Wanderers in Panama

After the shock of being so close to be hit by lighting, we decided to get out to take a walk around town. We have been admiring the skylines for a while but never had a few hours to kill; with that in mind we walked the entire waterfront; all that wearing a pair of […]