Slow days 3, 4 and 5

I started this post 3 days ago with nothing much to write about really and truthfully it hasn’t changed much in the last 78 hours. All in all the good thing about it is that we need to drain the infiltrated water; albeit the fact that a few things could be done in the meantime. […]

More paint gone, nothing else.

As per the photo below we explored more areas today and found nothing. That was the extent of the work, we cannot help but notice that when there is no sub-contractor involved, you just have to sit back and relax! Keep on smiling because the speed is going to be slow. The lift was used […]

Going big this time…

During our last stay on the hard we were rushed out, though it seems this time around there is a different speed of work clearly we are more aligned with the Caribbean’s pace. Meaning that I arrived at 7.30 am, to find the place deserted! Only by 11 am did Mr. Cora re-direct one of […]

Third haul-out in three weeks

And here we go again, leaving the anchorage at 10am to be ready for the 10.30am appointment. We were both nervous, even if we are old pro by now third haul-out in three weeks; I think we have a record. The question is, will they do the job right this time, or are they going […]

We are keeping busy

We keep measuring the water coming in and it’s more confusing than ever, we only had 2 cups each of the last two days. Agreed, it makes absolutely no sense, to anybody involved but what can we say, for the time being, we are trying to keep busy with all the various activities available to […]

The waiting stage

Nothing to say really, water is coming more quickly in, we are up to 7 cup in 24 hours. Time is slowing down, as we just wait for Monday’s haul out per our written confirmation received this afternoon. We still haven’t heard from anybody at the insurance company, which results in major doubts for their […]

Holding our breath…

Today there were 2 cups of water in the bilge equal leak; equal needs to find a solution before we can move anywhere. Easier said than done, with the idea in mind to get the ball rolling we started firing e-mails and astonishingly we discovered that our adjuster was gone on vacation for 10 days! […]

1.25 cup of water.

Nothing much to say, our spirits are not high to say the least and can’t seem to be able to get out of the problem at this point. After 24 hours we measured the water in the bilge and we have 1.25 cup of it, not much but enough to still be a concern. We […]