Update on our adventure

A good night sleep can do wonders, and this certainly is enabling us to keep our focus on one thing: get Letitgo back in the water. This morning all of a sudden the boat yard doesn’t recognize its fault anymore having spoken with their own insurance, we knew it was going to happen and are […]

Add fiber to the diet

Our day started well, everybody was on time and in good shape; unfortunately it didn’t end up so well, indeed they damaged our boat. Let’s see how it all happened: with good care lots of fiberglass was applied in 3 times, then sanded followed by putty, more hand sanding primer and then 2 coat of […]

Repair day and an extension

As you can see we are not yet in the water but we made some good progress today. The inside was prepped and sealed to avoid too much dust flying everywhere, as well as for the diesel tubes. After some grinding heavy cleaner (after photo below), we could see some of the potential place the […]

We are out of the water

The call came as promised and on schedule, we made it out in no time and without any worry. The fuel tank was lifted and we discovered that it’s from an original joint which had deteriorated and was letting water in. So what to do? Well everybody on deck, power wash scrub and in 5 […]

We are safe in Panama

We made it back to the peninsula and awaited for the “Flamenco boat yard” to open. At 7.30 we were looking at what could be done about our little indoor pool. After a little bit of discussion, we were able to get somebody to come and inspect the boat. He reported to the manager that […]

Panama here we are again

Quick update… We were sailing at an amazing speed on flat water with 15-18 knots of wind at a perfect angle when the bilge pump came on… A quick check enlightened us on the fact that we had a water ingress coming from under the fuel tank. 7 days of high seas with water coming […]

On the move to become cruiser

We are ready, the wind is planning on cooperating (fingers crossed), Letitgo is set. We take this as a sign that we shall set sail in the afternoon en route for Ecuador. The routing and our magic calculation are showing us arriving around Friday-Saturday to our destination Bahia de Caraquez; it should be a roughly […]

Scrub until it’s clean.

We wish this was the image we will remember from this stay in isla Chapela, unfortunately for our muscles it is not, we spent 3 days under Letitgo brushing, scrubbing and sponging it; in other word making this little home of ours looking brand new. Our stay in Panama’s anchorage didn’t help, even if the […]

Out of Panama City

We can guarantee you that the Raymarine AIS 650 (transponder for boat) will limit its listing of target to the 100 closest to you; either that or the management of the canal is very efficient and keep it to that number around Letitgo. We travelled four times now this anchorage and every times we are […]

Time to leave Panama City…

Yes it’s time to get away from Panama City, we have been told by the man in white above so it must be true. On our last day in the city we couldn’t resist one last Dim Sum, a visit to “El Sole de India” and we finished our list of purchases at Discovery Center […]