Pura Vida!

La Pura Vida is the ever present expression on any Tico’s lip. Today we were treated that way by our hosts; we were invited at their place to share the love of food and their country. We got to understand that Costa Rica is a very advanced country for health care, schooling and politic. One big issue at the moment is the increase of cost of living that is not followed by a rise in salary. ($2 an hour for any unqualified skill) rent for one bedroom $100 but for food and the necessity you already know, it’s not cheap. They have way to get vegetables and fruits direct from the farmer via a system of Coop,  whereas we have to go to the shop. Still you can see that they feel happy about their life and you don’t hear about wanting to immigrate to North America at any cost.

Benjamin practising his coconut picking skill.

During our conversation yesterday it had been decided that we would all take a walk to the waterfall, since nobody had to go to work. Everyone brought a picnic along and we all shared. As rookies as we are, we wore our good walking shoes though ¾ of the way which meant walking along or in the river. We will just say that our feet are a bit tender tonight… What a magical trip, because one of our host had lived in this forest for 40 years and was happy to share all his knowledge. So after two hours walk, we discovered a beautiful cascade, our picnic was set on a rock and we all shared our food culture with of course some delicious empenadas, rice and pinto beans and a coffee. It was ensued by a few hours of swimming, jumping, climbing the rocks and bringing many fun childhood memories; it was basically just plain fun on the program. Little Sol walked almost all the way and never complained once, a real trooper. On our way back, a few beers and ice creams made for a real pura vida. Thank you again to Angelica, Jose, Belkis and Kimcho, you made our stay in Drake bay most memorable and we feel very grateful for your generous hospitality.

Notice the shoes…

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  1. Sounds loke a great experience! We’ve become fans of barefoot hiking! Way to go Ben!

  2. It was amazing people, but our feet were real sensitive for a few days, Thanks Kyra

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