Panama Time.

This morning came early, way too early might we add… Especially when you consider that we went to bed late after yet again another deluge on land. This time we are talking 2 hours straight of heavy thick rain, bringing 10 cm of water in the dinghy which made for a fun ride! And why were we out so late? Well to be exact, you see we had to indulge in our only meal out in Costa Rica and we did it in company of another Canadian boat, getting ready to cross the Pacific with two small children. This made us realize that voyaging with a teenager is not that hard after all! Indeed we had forgotten how 3 year old sees the world, jumps around with no fear and is so inquisitive. Let’s just say that it brought back many fun memories of travelling with our own two “monkeys”, time flies it seems it was just yesterday! Good luck to you Amber and Jeff and Bon Voyage, we feel that the children will keep you busy for 30 days at sea, in fact you may go crazy but not of boredom…

So after realizing that the alarm was indeed for us and no one else, we got Letitgo ready to cross into another time zone and country. Panama here we are, a gentle motor sail followed by 5 hours of sailing, brought us to Punta Balsa; remember to keep away from land as the rollers are big and impressive 2 miles out. The anchorage is like an old age electronic game; imagine: you need to drop your anchor on a mount not very big surrounded by high depth. You drop in 30 feet of water while your boat is in 70feet and just behind the depth is 200 feet, unreal! Fun and instructive this just makes a tight spot when you have another boat sharing the same elevation. We had a very enjoyable and dry stay, shared a dinner with another Vancouverite boat, the world is small and so rich in great encounters; we feel very fortunate.

On our departure this morning, the Military panga came around the anchorage. We were getting ready to leave, so we smiled, waved and kept going with our routine not in the mood for a full on inspection to be truthful. They were circling Letitgo quietly, we didn’t make unnecessary eye contact, and as soon as Valerie stopped hanging head first in the chain compartment ( I let you visualize the scene) and saluted them with a smile, they left. Bikini magic we will call it, in the end it is a good thing I wasn’t the one in this compartment or we would be on route to the base as we speak, and I suspect for a not so pleasant inspection! Sorry there is no photo of either option for you to judge, they’ve been banned by the editor in chief.

selfie sourse

We heard of the rage this day and so we had to get in the mood on our way back from our last round of grocery.

A fresh stock of brioche in hand…

Sunrise over Golfito with low clouds, what a way to start the day!