Lounging, socializing, interneting in Golfito!

New word for the vocabulary though it encompasses well what we have been doing for the last little while in Golfito! Today, all three of us were on the street by 08:00 am and decided to divide and conquer. Valerie tackled the shopping list and went to town to get enough food all the way to Panama City; and even got a ride back from the grocery store! Something unheard of apparently… (that what it is when you are cute, note from Laurent)

Benjamin is supposed to focus on school and avoid the distractions of social networking which are Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, we are being doubtful…

On my side it was the round of the different bureaucrats. Well equipped with all the knowledge of the guides and locals we were in possession of our International Zarpe in an hour and a half. Here are the tips not in the written knowledge: use the bank in the free zone instead of the one on the main street (note: you can even do it while they prepare your custom document), which is a lot quicker by all accounts. The local taxi ride costs 700 colones to go back and forward, it is really not worth walking in the heat.

Best of Costa Rica