Islas las Secas

According to the guides, and a few rumors the water is supposedly clear out here! And guess what? It’s true. But to arrive here it took a little bit of work on our part, in fact we had a rather strange 20 miles sail from Boca Chica, as we were forced for the first time to bring the mainsail down. Truly the waves were coming to the side quite strongly with a height of 2 meters and making our poor boom slap like crazy in only 6 knots of wind, and of course as soon as the mainsail was dropped you guessed it the wind woke up to 30 knot! And that answered our question, while we were scanning the horizon and mentioned “funny we are getting white cap, just a little further”, a lot of noise for nothing as we were now motoring. We anchored in the lee shore of the island and immediately jumped in to discover corals, fish and our anchor nicely settled in the horizon.

Enough of this futile writing as in this kind of place, only pictures will tell the truth. So not to worry we will be enjoying the next few days of remoteness, diving and exploring around, recharging the coconut banks and coming back to life with a clean bottom for Letitgo.

We get internet via our old Iphone, but unfortunately the company doesn’t let us tether and the prehistoric model doesn’t help either. We will use Sailmail for now and when in range, you will see the white sand beach, coconut tree, clear water, animal and a lot more.

Back doing our favourite:

We never can resist walking along a runway, the easier way to come to this paradise.

Local magic eraser, coconut shell Thanks Mike from zero to cruising for the tips 4 years ago.

For the one who think we are making it up.

While walking in Boca Chica

This last one is like an optical illusion, expect there is no illusion the dock is indeed slanted!