Daily life, Baja Jimenez

For the past two days we have been running around to get Benjamin setup for his challenge of Grade 10-11 French courses. We finally got the exam in the hand of an invigilator, thank you Maestra Hildago for going out of your way to make it possible.

After that it was a matter of finding the right time for Benjamin to sit in a class and perform his magic. You would think it’s easy, but not so when you are in a land with organization with no large mean. We discovered at the last minute that the printer was malfunctioning but with a memory stick and a bit of running around, we got it in his hand. The proud student emerged 2.5 hours later with a stack of papers and relieved to have finally accomplished this task.

We had to have the authorization of the super-intendant for this photo, with the promise to not have students in them. Carefree world is behind for a while.

In the photo below you get an idea of the vegetation and feel for the life in a smaller village.

Again Costa Rica really educated its population as there is no garbage on the ground, everything is spotless and organized with garbage cans all around. Beautiful!

During all that time we visited in depth the village and enjoyed a latte with wifi,

True luxury for the tablet which had not been updated since January.

Watch those clouds coming towards us; the sea is making nice ripples!

With a bar of soap in hand, and Letitgo all closed off we were ready…