Baja Drake and a taste of our life…

During our tour in the estuary, we had met a young family cooling themselves in the river, while we chatted they gifted us a fish. We discovered that the husband is one of the chef a local resort, and that was the best link to start talking food,and culture with that said we couldn’t resist to invite them all lunch on Letitgo. Needless to say that the highlight of the day was Sol their adorable 3 years old, who took Benjamin by surprise with her energy and intrepidity, she definitely got him to keep up with the questions and thrust of discovering a new world. Truly we had a great time learning on the daily life and sharing a great meal, which is to us the epitome of our voyage.

Few days ago we had spotted on Google map a possible walk or hike and they confirmed that it was a nice tour with great vista.

Hence this morning at 8.30, we were on the beach and with a bit of luck and Valerie asking for direction, we found ourselves in the middle of the jungle. Truthfully after our four months hiking in the deserted land of the Sea of Cortez we do have nightmare of lunar terrain and have had our dose of rock for a while. It is always true glory to be in the middle of the jungle and discovering all the varieties of trees and all the different butterflies.

We have company in the bay, at this time we now have met the three boats that cruise Costa Rica during dry season.

Brioche in the morning, and fresh coffee. Now that’s paradise!

Meet Sol, a true delight full of life she brought with her many smiles!

Des oiseaux du paradis growing everywhere

Costa Rica doesn’t have an army, and really there is no need to… Try to fight a war in those conditions!