Arrived in our last Tico port: Golfito

Here we are in the southern port of Costa Rica, we met again with a boat we know and the crew sadly informed us that their dinghy had been stolen the night before! Not the best welcome… The bad apples are keeping their reputation well and alive in this part of the country. With that knowledge in mind we decided to anchor closer to the marina and we will definitely be back onboard before dark! Needless to say our deck looks bare, we usually never clear it from any possessions (not that we have much on deck anyway!) and every hatches is now secured and locked. The city used to be well off when the banana industry was flowing out of here to the world, then this stopped abruptly in the 80’s… Because it was a mono industry port, you can see the disaster that ensued.

So here we are in Golfito for a few days and since we haven’t had any internet for a while you will see some updates and multiple posts below today. Today our program is catching-up with the real world for all of us, read: financial world, school and keeping in touch with friends and family doesn’t stop once you leave the dock.

Please join us to smell the flower in the post below.

We could have taken the subway to Vancouver by jumping on the boat transport barge, but this one is going to Miama after New Zealand…

High school cruising style life is hard no air conditionning.

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  1. We miss you guys!! xo

  2. It would be nice to have a young interesting couple around.. We miss you and Osprey for sure

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