Islas las Secas

According to the guides, and a few rumors the water is supposedly clear out here! And guess what? It’s true. But to arrive here it took a little bit of work on our part, in fact we had a rather strange 20 miles sail from Boca Chica, as we were forced for the first time […]

Quick update

Arrived, and happy to be! We knew from the grapevine that Internet was non existent around here so bare with us this post will be short and sweet…. We discovered that our iPhone 3 doesn’t want to tether even when  connected to the 3G and the ham radio doesn’t let the blog post through, so […]

School talk…

As we are seating here in the Boca Chica’s anchorage, our beloved teenager on board is finishing two classes, no March Break yet… Truly high seas or high School are both compatible and in style. You have seen pictures of Benjamin in various posts but how does he manage to go to school. No he […]

Panama Time.

This morning came early, way too early might we add… Especially when you consider that we went to bed late after yet again another deluge on land. This time we are talking 2 hours straight of heavy thick rain, bringing 10 cm of water in the dinghy which made for a fun ride! And […]

Computer geek talk!

  This has been my view of the world for the last 2 days, the 2 Terabytes drives where we stock all our movies, TV shows and books is gone into the world of computer mysteries… The partition has disappeared and the computer can’t read it anymore. You can imagine that my mood has not […]

La casa orquidea.

Early morning today we were greeted by Trudy near the beach and went for a tour guided around the property which she and her husband have been meticulously tending for 40 years and where they live peacefully. It all started with a wish to live in a remote part of the world, the early years […]